Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Eclectic Ellapu June 2016 Pink Team Challenge

The theme for Eclectic Ellapu's Pink Team challenge for June is Midsummer!

This was a fun one for me, as I originally learned about the Midsummer holiday via green walnuts. Seriously. It is odd, but true. Turns out that St. John's Day, aka Midsummer Day, aka June 24, marks the first day that many (European) markets have green walnuts available. Why would people want to buy unripened walnuts? To make pickled walnuts, vin de noix, and nocino, of course!

May you have a heady Midsummer Day!

The painting depicted on this card is "Salome with the Head of John the Baptist" by Guido Reni, circa 1630-1635.


  1. I love this card! This is so unique with the green walnuts but what struck me was the great painting. I love the Renaissance and this is a great painting which I love that you paired it with this background. Great card!

  2. I love how you have gone back to see where this date comes from, I never knew either. Great card.
    Sue DT

  3. I love your interpretation of midsummer hun it is just beautiful xx

  4. Wow!! Interesting card. I also love your interpretation of midsummer. I am so luck to have joined a team of such talented artists. Judy