Friday, March 31, 2017

Eclectic Ellapu April 2017 Challenge - Design Team

The last few months have been quiet in SambuCOrona blogland, but not so much in my non-digital life. There has not been much crafting going on at my desk with the exception of some starts-and-stops kind of projects. Last week I started another project with not particular vision; I wanted to alter some vitamin bottles I have sitting around. Finding ways to reduce and upcycle trash while living in remote Alaska is even more important to me than usual, for currently, all trash here is burned or goes into the ocean. Neither are ideal, so I am conscientious in my purchases and creative in my disposal.

In this particular case, as I was working through a tentative plan for another larger bottle, I gessoed this smaller bottle as I worked on the larger bottle. Then it sat for a few days until one evening I randomly grabbed some of my blue acrylic craft paint and painted the bottom third of the bottle. After waiting just long enough for it to dry (no heat gun assistance this time, thank you very much), I liberally sprayed the entire bottle (and my hand) with Dylusions London Blue ink spray. Darling dearest thought I was joking when I told him I was about to dye my hand blue! This did give me an opportunity to test out some charcoal soap though, and it really does do a good job. I tried washing with both our regular hand soap and Dawn dish soap, but neither pulled as much of the blue ink out of my skin as the charcoal soap did. Good to know for the next time I dye my hands.

Hmm, what to do next? Since I had not yet played with the Pebeo Fantasy Prisme & Moon mediums I snuck up here earlier this year, after a day's drying time I decided to add a moon-type shape using the Onyx Prisme. FYI, the instructions are not kidding about needing mineral spirits on hand to clean your brush! Thankfully, my fast-acting hubby grabbed a nearby bottle of acetone to clean my brushes. After another two days for the Prisme to cure and much time digging though the deeper recesses of my stash, I settled on some lovely vintage rub-ons, a vintage apothecary sticker, some twine, and a quick sponging of white ink to embellish the bottle. My constant struggle is to push myself to embellish more and in a tasteful manner, so I kept wanting to add more, but found that simpler worked best for this "prescription" bottle. And what a lovely prescription it is, no? Take some time... to love, to craft, to soak up the elements, to pamper, to adventure, to visit, to do what brings you joy. And do shake things up occasionally! ;)

Join us over at Eclectic Ellapu this month for a Vintage/Shabby Chic crafting challenge!

{crafted while listening to Marissa Meyer's "Winter" audiobook}


  1. Beautiful altered containers. Your hands look like mine most of the time. Have a creative week. Judy

  2. lol I am always staing my hands and yet have the gloves sitting on the desk! anyway your proects were well worth the staining hun xx